About Us

When you think spinach, you think Popeye! Only the highest quality, most nutritious and best-tasting spinach is good enough to carry the Popeye name. That’s why every can is committed to making strong bodies and happy tummies. Great in a variety of recipes, Popeye Spinach is always a smart choice when it comes to feeding your family. It’s an easy and affordable way to pack valuable nutrients into mealtime.

Kosher Certified

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether or not our products are Kosher Certified or not… and we are happy to inform you that, in fact, all Popeye Spinach products ARE Kosher Certified!

Due to the nature of our products and processing facilities, the machinery and systems used to process Popeye Spinach ingredients do NOT come in contact with any meat or dairy products during processing. 

If you’d like to inquire further about our Kosher Certification, please reach out to us via our Contact Form!